Monthly Archives: December 2016

Why not trust God again

There is this song by  Kurt Carr titled why not trust God again the first time I heard the song seriously i felt relieved cos I was facing some troubles and listening to the lyrics of the song helped me to make some discoveries which are helping me today . 

What I’m trying to point out here is God speaks to us in diverse ways if only we can pay attention , if only we can stop concentrating on the problems or challenges. Whatever we are facing shouldn’t take us away from our creator cos He’s the only one that can give us the direction out of our challenges . I think I should share the lyrics of the first verse of the song .

When life seems cruel and so unfair, with each new day it seems a greater problem waiting there, for each step forward I take seems I get push two steps behind, i don’t think I’m gonna make it sometimes, i don’t think my nerves can take it this time as I’m about to call it quit a new thought comes to mind…

Why not trust God again I know  that He can do it if I pray again, believe again my God will work it for my good again, I know that He will see me through it all if I trust in God again. 

So friends trust in God again.