My best friend’s day

   Your existence in this planet has been     a blessing to those around and those that are far from you even to those         that says you are not needed .

In every situations u’ve found yourself you have remained strong and you never allowed those situations to change your personality instead you put smile on peoples faces with ur kindness , love and caring attitudes.

The fact that you are stubborn can be so annoying especially wen it comes to the things of your Papa wey dey heaven you will stand firm for it until the right thing is done . you dont care if others feel good abt it so long it pleases ur Papa,  again you can be naughty at times you act crazy, stupid and foolish. And i just wonder where you are from.

Although i love the way you express your character  and act accordingly whenever you are on stage, the way you move your backside and flaunt your frontside whenever you are dancing, the way you speak, i love your eyes , your lips, your body shape.

Anybody that sees you for the fisrt time he/she will see that you are beautiful, fat,hot and sexy and by the time you start communicating with the person he/she will admit the fact that you are intelligent , you dont gossip nor keep malice but you can be abusive.           

Finally finally lemme jus stop blabbing.  The truth of the matter is you are flawless . Today february 11 is your day you are free to do whatever you like. Make yourself happy cos its your day enjoy .

Happy birthday






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10 Worthwhile Things to Pursue This New Year

kristen wetherell

Christians view time and opportunities in an utterly unique way:

  • Rather than doing what they want, they “no longer live for themselves, but for Jesus, who for their sake died and was raised” (2 Corinthians 5:15).
  • Rather than living like there’s no tomorrow, Christians have an eternal future with Christ to look forward to and prepare for, “so whether we are at home [in the body] or away, we make it our aim to please him” (5:9).
  • Rather than a humanitarian motive, the Christian’s reason for doing good isn’t the approval of men or peace on earth, but “the love of Christ [that] controls us” (5:14).

“Time is of the essence,” we say, and how true this is, especially for Christians, for life is but a breath before we meet Jesus in person. Controlled by Christ’s love, motivated by his glory, and compelled by his heavenly home, we’re uniquely glad…

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Why not trust God again

There is this song by  Kurt Carr titled why not trust God again the first time I heard the song seriously i felt relieved cos I was facing some troubles and listening to the lyrics of the song helped me to make some discoveries which are helping me today . 

What I’m trying to point out here is God speaks to us in diverse ways if only we can pay attention , if only we can stop concentrating on the problems or challenges. Whatever we are facing shouldn’t take us away from our creator cos He’s the only one that can give us the direction out of our challenges . I think I should share the lyrics of the first verse of the song .

When life seems cruel and so unfair, with each new day it seems a greater problem waiting there, for each step forward I take seems I get push two steps behind, i don’t think I’m gonna make it sometimes, i don’t think my nerves can take it this time as I’m about to call it quit a new thought comes to mind…

Why not trust God again I know  that He can do it if I pray again, believe again my God will work it for my good again, I know that He will see me through it all if I trust in God again. 

So friends trust in God again.